The FDA Professional Development Program in Food Science is based on the Science and Our Food Supply curriculum, which focuses on Food Safety, Nutrition, and Food Agriculture and Biotechnology Education.

Disease outbreaks caused by foodborne organisms frequent the news. Each year, approximately one sixth of the U.S. population experience mild to severe illnesses caused by pathogens in food. Science and Our Food Supply: Investigating Food Safety from Farm to Table introduces students to the fundamentals of microbiology, while at the same time, imparting important public health information. Students will find answers to these questions: How do these organisms cause disease? What measures are being taken by the federal government to prevent transmission of these organisms? What can individuals do to protect themselves from such disease?

The Nutrition Facts label is an accessible tool with nutrient information to help make healthy food choices. It can serve as a key contributor to healthy decision making — and the earlier one starts using it, the better! Science and Our Food Supply: Using the Nutrition Facts Label to Make Healthy Food Choices will help students learn about the label, and that nutrition not only aids in general well-being, but also can help prevent or manage chronic diseases later in life.

The science and technologies of food production, transportation, storage, and preparation evolve to enhance food safety, quality, and varieties. Science and Our Food Supply: Exploring Food Agriculture and Biotechnology will teach students about new research methodologies that have enabled scientists to broaden their understanding of food science and about emerging technologies that help to safeguard health.

Teens are particularly vulnerable targets for misunderstanding what dietary supplements are and are often unaware of the potential benefits and adverse effects they can have on their bodies. Science and Our Food Supply: Examining Dietary Supplements is designed to empower students to evaluate the accuracy and credibility of information they see and hear about dietary supplements.